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Hey there, my name is Laurids Lohr!

I am 17 years of age and golf is the great passion of my life. I turned Pro on May 1, 2016. Some say too early but I know that I am actually the youngest Player on the Tour. But this allows me to take my time to get used to the life on tour, gather experience and build-up an athletic body which enables me to gain more length in my drives, avoid injuries and stay healthy. Anyway - life will change a lot now - I certainly know. On the following pages you will find facts and data about me and my game.

See you on the Pro Golf Tour 2017!

Many people think that golf is not a real sport. As Mark Twain, the American novellist, once stated they are the opinion that golf is some kind of an easy walk through a nice landscape spoiled by the fact that you have to hit a little ball into a little hole which seems to be miles away.

Nonetheless golf is one of the most dynamic sports and at least one of the most - if not the most - difficult one to learn on earth. The most tiny mistake can cause you to end up in complete desaster - and believe me there are a lot of mistakes you can make. It is a real challenge!

Golf is tough for your body and tough for your mind - and sometimes tough for your soul and inner balance. It requires good behaviour,  discipline, character and concentration on a level which can easily be described as extreme. There is no opponent to beat, except your inner self. And if you succeed in doing so the reward will be breathtaking - believe me!

... Golf is the only sport where a player can give himself a penalty (it really is a gentleman's game)

... The average length of a golfcourse is approx. 6000 yds. The longest golfcourses range between 7000 & 8000 yds.!

The driver swing speed on the US PGA Tour reaches up to 130 mph.

... Top Tour Players
drive through the ball, using their hips, shoulders and wrists to concentrate their force and create a very high initial ball speed. Within 2 feet off the tee the ball is traveling at around 180 mph (290 km/h).

... In 2014 on the US PGA Tour the average driving distance is 289 yds. (264m).

... 25 Tour Professionals hit the Ball more than 300 yds. (274m) average (Bubba Watson 314 yds, Rory McIlroy 311 yds., Dustin Johnson 311 yds., J.B. Holmes 308 yds., Andrew Loupe 308 yds.)

125,000 golf balls a year are lost in the water at the famous 17th hole of the Stadium Course at the TPC Sawgrass

The U.S. golf economy has an estimated size of about 70 billion U.S. dollars. The core segments, such as golf facility operations, golf course capital investment, golfer supplies, endorsements, tournaments & associations and charities had an economic significance to the value of around 43.5 billion U.S. dollars.

... There are 4.6 million golfers in Europe and 22.4 million golfers in the United States.

... a game similar to golf was already played by the Egyptians 4000 years ago and also by the Chinese.

... the game of golf as we know it today was invented in Scotland in 1457 and was also very popular in the Netherlands where it was called Kolven.

... a round of golf has 18 holes because when - in the old days - it came to the decision about how many holes a golf course should have one of the committee members at the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews stated that 18 holes is the exact distance on the round after which his whisky flask would be empty.

... starting in 1457, golf was banned throughout Scotland by the nation’s Parliament, which believed it interfered with residents’ military training. This ban was repeated twice more, in 1471 and 1491. Nearly 300 years later, The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews was founded.

... Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama... These are just a few of the American presidents associated with golf. But Woodrow Wilson is often overlooked. An avid golfer, he was so dedicated to the game that he even played in the snow – using black golf balls!

... to this day, golf is one of only two sports, along with the javelin throw, to have ever been played on the moon. Back on February 6, 1971, Apollo 14 member Alan Shepard hit a ball with a six-iron, swinging one-handed as a result of his pressure suit.


... Some of the world’s most popular actors, Samuel L. Jackson and Hugh Grant, are also avid golfers. In fact, the stars have contract clauses to play golf twice a week whenever they film movies.

... To millions, she is beloved for her powerful voice, releasing hits like “The Power of Love.” But singer Celine Dion is also a golf fanatic and owns a golf course, Terrebonne, Quebec’s Le Mirage Golf Club.

              Inscription at the 18th Green on Pinehurst No.2 Course / NC, USA


Just take a look - that was me in 2006!